Annika, August 2017

Bodysex Workshop weekend was a very sweet, powerful, and holistic experience for me. Irina welcomed us into a relaxed environment and led us through empowering exercises in a very skillful way. I could tell that she put a lot of care and preparation into this workshop which allowed me to completely immerse myself in the exploration of these new edgy realms.

Self Pleasuring is something I’ve never thought to really truly talk about, be guided in, or let alone explore in the same room with a group of women. I’m so glad I did though! I had always associated self pleasuring with discretion mixed in with a sense of shame. This workshop, however, totally negated these associations and instead replaced them with a sense of healthy curiosity, healing, laughter, and sisterhood. I got to connect with my own pussy in ways I never have before (I loved viewing her with a mirror and giving her a name), I got to see a cervix for the first time ever which was astounding!!… and I had a big realization that pleasure can be an empowering tool to bond women together in ways that just aren’t possible or as likely when women use sexuality to compete with one another. It was truly an indescribable and amazing revelation that I now hold dear to my heart. It is interesting the level of connection that can be created when women are willing to reveal/share their  “base chakras’ energy” and I left the workshop feeling totally content and peaceful…rare feelings for me to fully experience.

Callie, August 2017

One of the things I appreciate most about Irina’s approach to Bodysex is that she doesn’t hold expectations over her circles; each participant is invited to have their own experience, sans judgment. When there was an emotional hiccup in our group, Irina didn’t miss a beat–– she got vulnerable and shared space with myself and the other participants as we processed the emotion of the moment. And then we moved on. Back to genital show and tell!

Irina puts herself out of the limb so everyone else can follow after seeing it's safe, and she sets a beautiful, welcoming tone. She’s also a powerhouse of femininity, eroticism, and sisterhood–– all things that come into play within Bodysex. She congratulates each person on their vulnerabilities and strengths, their accomplishments, their process. There is not a moment with her when one must wonder if they’re doing the right thing–– but if you’re like me, and you do worry that maybe you’re not doing it right, hang in there; Irina will ensure that you get to go through your Bodysex journey your way. That’s what it’s all about.

For those wondering if Bodysex is right for them, I’d just ask them: are you willing to walk all the way to your edges and actually push past them? If you are, Irina is an incredible guide for that experience. If not, perhaps consider why not, then email her. Get a coffee with her. It’s nearly impossible not to feel welcomed and celebrated by this rad woman.

Rebecca, August 2017

[…] I’m pretty sure that before Bodysex, I felt […] my genitals were a separate entity. They felt foreign and shameful and annoying and uncooperative. When we were asked to name our genitals, I had to think about it and realized that I couldn’t do it. Because my vagina is part of me. My vulva is part of me. It is not separate. I am all one piece.

The most noticeable ongoing change for me is this comfort and appreciation for my body and however it happens to feel at a given moment. My body. The whole thing. I also have this lingering mental image of all the vulvas I witnessed that weekend and it warms me up and makes me smile to remember how different and alike and beautiful we all are.