How to find your natural turn-on

Find your turn-on

Do you remember a time when you were spontaneously turned-on? Without any explicit sexual content?

Maybe you were riding a bike, the seat rubbed your clitoris, and you felt pleasure.

Maybe you were watching a movie and suddenly you felt wetness in your panties.

Maybe you were sitting at your desk doing office work, your legs crossed on the chair, you unconsciously moved your legs, and you felt a tingling sensation between your legs.

Maybe you were preparing dinner, using your hands and fingers to mix up ingredients, and you had a taste directly off your finger, and you really liked the sensuality of your finger, your mouth, your saliva, your taste buds and that activates a squeeze of your PC muscles.

Maybe you were out in nature running, sweating, the warmth of the sun hitting your skin, the rush of blood circulating throughout your whole body, and you feel your whole body engaged, alive, and you become aware of that same aliveness in your genitals, in your whole pelvic area, same blood oxygenating and feeding your cells.

These are all moments when your natural life force is expressing itself throughout your body, through your felt sensations. It’s not sexual or non-sexual. It’s not black or white. It’s just human, it’s just natural. Only our judgements are wanting to box and categorize sensations. Sure, some of them are more platonic and devoid of turn-on. Some of them are more erotic and the turn-on is more pronounced. But they’re on a scale, a range, a gradient, they’re a mix of qualities.

If you couldn’t relate to any of the above or similar situations and sensations and you don’t find any of them erotic, that’s also fine. But if you’re wanting to increase your passion for life, your zest, your turn-on, here are some ways you can do it:

  1. NOTICE. Throughout your day if day-to-day, mundane situations are bringing up some turn-on for you. If and when that happens, smile and enjoy. This awareness will bring more of it into your life. Watch how they become increasingly present.
  2. REMEMBER. Make a list of your past experiences when you were spontaneously naturally turned-on. Remember the context, the place, time, visual details, what was the temperature like, and if any smells were present. Remember the sensations. Notice how remembering is recreating them in your body.
  3. IMAGINE. Make a list of your desired future experiences. Take pen and paper and describe five situations where you’d like to experience a natural turn-on. Think of place, time, activity, if you’re alone or with someone else. Imagine the context and describe the sensations in your body. Next, watch for the situations in your life, and let the turn-on come to you. Welcome it and thank me later.

My most frequent natural turn-on is sitting at my desk, and feeling my womb and breasts pulsating with a buzz. What I wish to experience more of, is cooking and finding sensual pleasure in tasting the foods I’m preparing.

Let me know in the comments what’s your most frequent natural turn-on and what you’d like to experience more of. We can inspire each other!

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