When great sex is keeping you from having amazing, mind-blowing sex

You’re having good sex. It’s quite satisfying, it’s consistent. You’re having sex with your partner about 3 times per week. Sometimes you have solo sex, maybe one time per week. You have orgasms most of the times, around 8-9 times out of 10. You’re having multiple orgasms. You know how to get it. You know how your body works. Your partner is quite satisfied too. You have 6-10 favorite positions that you keep recycling them, and you almost always go to your favorite 1-2 recipes. You know you’re pretty good at it. Maybe you’ve always been orgasmic, it came natural to you since a young age, even before you knew what sex was. Your body is wired for pleasure.

But what if your body, your mind-body-spirit, your whole you, is capable of much more? Something you don’t know you don’t know. More pleasure. More integration. More energy moving through you. New body sensations. Things that you didn’t know you’re capable of feeling. Things you don’t know are even possible.

It starts with a belief it’s possible. It starts with curiosity. It starts with a commitment of finding out what’s possible. It starts with a desire to fully thrive and expand into your full potential.

For me, it started with a Bodysex workshop and Betty’s rock-n-roll masturbation technique. If I’m so orgasmic, why can’t I have an orgasm the way she teaches it? Sure, one very valid answer can be that everyone is different, and what she teaches simply does not work for me. But what if I stayed with it? What if I made this my practice for a while? Would there be something available for me that I didn’t know before?

I made a commitment to have a daily practice of conscious masturbation. Like a meditation practice. And be really present with my body, be aware of it, and ask good questions, and set good goals.

Fast forward a few months later, I’m deepening my pleasure and my orgasm. I feel my whole internal clitoris awakening to new levels of sensitivity. My orgasmic states have expanded broad and deep: my orgasms last longer, they take more space in my body, and happen a lot more often. I reach orgasm faster, if I want to; I can also linger just at the edge of orgasm, if that’s what I choose. I return to self practice often, as it’s become my source of pleasure, power, rejuvenation, vitality. Who knew what a simple question could lead to? “What else is possible?”. Start there and let yourself be surprised.

Bodysex was just the beginning.

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