How I found out about Bodysex

I was reading Jenny Block’s book, “O Wow: Discovering Your Ultimate Orgasm”. The first chapters captivated me already:

There’s an eighty-five-year-old [now 87] woman, notorious in feminist and sex-positive circles, who holds naked workshops in her New York City apartment that teach women how to have and enhance their orgasms. Her name is Betty Dodson.

What? Does such a thing even exist? I knew I had to search for it, at least out of curiosity and wanting to know more. Lo’ and behold, Betty Dodson is still holding these workshops and there was one just a few months out. With lots of encouragement and enthusiasm from my partner, I sign up.


I love to travel and learn new things in a fun way. New York City and Bodysex was a strong combo in this regard. The two days spent naked with women, like it was the most natural thing in the world, and witnessing such a diversity of bodies and experiences, sparked something deep within me.

I knew I had to take this work further and spread it into the world. Because it’s about much more than ‘how to have and enhance your orgasm’. It’s about becoming connected to your own body, about truly appreciating and honoring it. It’s about knowing how our female body and pleasure works. It’s about trusting and following your instinct and bliss. It’s about learning, growing, and becoming confident, actualized, sexual beings. It’s about leaving behind the fear, shame, guilt, embarrassment when it comes to body and sex, and stepping into owning our body, and embracing our desires.

Perfectly aligned with Betty’s dreams and plans, because her vision is that this work continues, and brings much healing into the world. I continued studying with Betty and went to become a certified Bodysex Workshop facilitator. Now, I’m thrilled to bring this to Seattle.

If this inspires you, check out more about the workshop and you can sign up for one of the upcoming workshops.

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